10000 Years Punk (VA)

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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 10000 Years Punk / 朋克万岁 (péng kè wànsuì)
Release Date: 1998, December
Label: Xiandai Gongren Changpian (TAM89)
Type: 7" EP vinyl record (Changpian) - Red vinyl
Catalog No.: TAM014

Track Listing

  1. Brainfailure - So Fuck You
  2. Brainfailure - Cynical Boy
  3. Brainfailure - It's not me (不是我)
  4. 69 - 10000 Years Punk (Pengke Wansui)
  5. Anarchy Boys - Oi Oi Oi
  6. Anarchy Boys - Punk Is Not Dead
  7. Reflector - Obedient
  8. Reflector - Pei

Further Information

  • The vinyl record EP was arranged by some students in Beijing with an issuing quantity of 500 copies. It was released in France through Uganda, however a few copies were also distributed at the Scream Club. 100 copies were distributed in China altogether. Pressing was made in the Czech Republic.
  • information & photo of the cover are attributed to XIAOXUE and Xiandai Gongren Changpian.
  • Yaogun.com Page
  • Xiandai Gongren/TAM89 records Page

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