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An EPIC first for Shanghai’s music scene! A ROCK festival on the beach with performances lasting all-night! Over 20 rock bands from all over the country in one place, at one time, for one GIGANTIC show! After rockin’ out, join the all-night RAVE party that kicks off on the beach shortly after! Great music, the ocean, sandy beaches, bonfires, and camping with friends… This will be the BEST all-night party Shanghai has ever seen!

General Information

Date: 2006, September 16th/17th
Location: Shanghai SanJia Harbor Water Paradise (三甲港)
Organizer: 拉风文化
Tickets: 120 RMB
Website: http://www.ionly.com.cn/vvv/english/indexe.htm (English version) (down)

Participating Artists


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