Amber (Borkr)

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General information

Artist Borkr
Publisher Sparrow Cross
Date of release 2012 exactly on 2012/08/06
Release Type CD
Runtime (in min) 3939 min
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 7
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.


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Track Listing

  1. Untitled (00:30) [instrumental]
  2. Earthfast (12:01)
  3. Untitled (00:19) [instrumental]
  4. The Slow Wind (12:44)
  5. Untitled (00:15) [instrumental]
  6. Upon the Expanse of Years (11:15)
  7. Amber (02:10) [instrumental]

Further Information

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