Antidote in Nanjing

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General information

Title Antidote in Nanjing
Start Date 2006/05/17 09:00:00 PM
End Date 2006/05/17 02:00:00 AM
Organizer Antidote
Event Location(s) Castle Bar

Event Poster

Antidote in Nanjing

Antidote nanjing webfly400.jpg

Poster of Antidote in Nanjing

General information

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at Castle Bar, 6 Zhongyang Road, Nanjing. 9pm-2am

The Antidote went to Nanjing for the first time. Super thanks to Joey (pics below) and the Map Magazine, and Cecilia and Nanjing Music Radio!

Further information

Facts about Antidote in NanjingRDF feed
Db:endDate17 May 2006 02:00:00 +
Db:participantB6 +, AMNJK +, MHP +, Ozone + and Emcore +
Db:startDate17 May 2006 21:00:00 +
Db:titleAntidote in Nanjing +
Event:placeCastle Bar +
Has redirectAntidote in Nanjing +
ImageFile:Antidote nanjing webfly400.jpg +
ImageDescriptionPoster of Antidote in Nanjing +
OrganizerAntidote +
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