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The book covers the China tour of German rockband BAP in 1987 including preparations, the concerts itself, outdoor experiences and meetings between students and the band.

Written in German, dozends of photos accompany a band through a totally different culture and their attempt to understand it and communicate with it.

First hand account on the opening of China experiencing rock concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou (?) and Hongkong.

The book is written with to points of view: One, as being a fanbook for the band, presenting the twists in band at that time and how they went along with each other. The other view is that of a band building a bridge and searching for the real China, the youth of China.

In total, three concerts in Beijing, three in Shanghai and two in Guangzhou.

General information

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Author Gerhard Hirschfeld and Jesko Sander
English title BAP övver China
Publisher Vorwärts Verlag GmbH
Date of publication 1989
ISBN 3-87579-029-4 (find this book)

Subject of the Book

This book focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Further Information

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