Behemoth Beijing 2008

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General information

Title Behemoth Beijing Gig 2008
Start Date 2008/10/31 20:00:00
End Date 2008/10/31 23:50:00
Organizer Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine
Event Location(s) M.A.O.

Event Poster

Behemoth Beijing 2008


Behemoth Beijing 2008

General information

  • Date: 10/31/2008, 20:00pm
  • Bills: Truth Corroded(Au)+ Bhelliom(Sg)+Gxsxd(Jp)+ Behemoth(Pl)
  • Venue: MAO Club, No.111 East Gulou Str., Dongcheng district, Beijing
  • Tickets: RMB 150(pre-order), 180(walk-in), 666(VIP)

Halloween Metal Fest (Featuring Behemoth) -- So, again it’s Halloween, time for trick & treat, vampire party and pumpkin heads…Wait, before you think it needs a change of taste, Painkiller magazine presents the debut Halloween Metal Fest.

This one-day event in Mao club will see four different heavy acts from all over the place packed altogether just for you. The Aussies are never too quite to show their energy on stage - TRUTH CORRODED, Singapore pioneer BHELLIOM and Japanese 3-piece GXSXD would like to guarantee you that Asian bands indeed have something to do with the word “extreme”, last but not least, we got BEHEMOTH, this Polish metal monster is about to take you a ride to the abyss with, well, corpse-paint and sonic blastbeat.

Halloween Eve & Devils Horn, matches just fine.

About Behemoth

There had been a long hard road out of hell until the cursed day when the furious intensity of the Eastern beast, set up by Nergal, the main man behind the band , struck the world in mid 1991. Following the paths of the ancient heroes like VENOM, early FROST or first Norwegian black metal acts, Behemoth started their unearthly existence with a couple of raw and primitive rehearsal tapes ("Endless Damnation") and demos ("The Return of the northern moon"), the most significant of which was the second one - "From the pagan vastlands" (1993), showing the growing potential of the main composer/writer.

This tape was released by polish label Pagan Rec. and later on by infamous American Wild Rags which pressed this stuff on CD. Signing with a minor Italian company Entropy rec. the band had the chance to record their debut release, a mini album entitled "And the forests dream eternally" (1994) followed by the full length with Polish underground label Pagan rec.

"Sventevith (storming near the Baltic)" gained extremely positive responses worldwide and eventually saw the band moving on to a new deal with German label Solistitium. Rec. That record established Behemoth as one of the very few black metal bands from mid-eastern Europe with enormous potential and its own, peculiar character. Consequently ,stepping forward, the band (as the three piece - Nergal, Baal, Les) recorded the second album "Grom". This has been probably the most controversial release so far, due to its many different influences, using female vocals as well as acoustic guitars and synthesizers. This was also the time when Behemoth finally got a chance to play first shows in their native country and finally tour around Europe (Pagan Triumph tour 1996) gaining stage experience as well as positive feedback from the crowds.

Then the time came to record third album, called "Pandemonic Incantations", which benefited from the precious aid of new members, especially the very talented human drummer machine- Inferno. It was some kind of "breakthrough moment" in Behemoth's short career. Reactions of the still growing fanbase and metal medias set the new quality standards for this polish band. Unfortunately, that awesome album suffered from the lack of interest worldwide caused by very weak promotion. The last opus released by Solistitium was strictly limited mini cd called "Bewitching The Pomerania" which is a highly estimated collectors item at this moment.

After another extensive and rewarding tour, in the fall of 1998 Behemoth signed a two albums deal with Italian Avantgarde Music. The first output of this new collaboration was the highly successful album "Satanica": Long lasting feedbacks covered "Satanica" with 'gold awards' even one year after its release date (the album was licensed in the USA in Summer 2000!). The label also secured the band with two very effective European tours in support to DEICIDE and another to SATYRICON. In that very successful period, the band had to go through some line up changes and problems with their ex- polish label, but at the end of the day, everything was back on the right tracks. The new members on the board were Novy (formerly known from Devilyn, right now in Vader, Dies Irae) who handled the bass duties and an inexperienced but very talented guitarist Havok. The new deal concerning the efforts on the polish territory Behemoth signed with highly respectful and undoubtedly professional Mystic company.

The next masterpiece is the logic follow-up to 'Satanica', although unpredictable in all its smallest details was Thelema6. Massive guitar parts and a most precise drumming, as well as influences from different sources, showed that Behemoth were there to offer something really varied and innovative once again. 'Thelema.6' is a complete album with characteristic fierce brutality and speed. It has also the most essential ingredient: creativity. Behemoth goes on searching for new dimensions both musically and lyrically.

-- taken from their Bebo Page

Further information

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