Bhellion / Truth Corroded - Tour of Duty (Asia) 2008

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Bhellion / Truth Corroded - Tour of Duty (Asia) 2008


Tour Dates

Oct 25 2008, 8:00P in Hong Kong (HK) @ Hang Out Youth Outreach

Oct 26 2008, 8:00P, Shenzhen (CN) @ Base Bar

Oct 28 2008, 8:00P, Guangzhou (CN) @ 191 space bar

Oct 29 2008, 8:00P, TianJin (CN) @ 13 Club

Oct 31 2008, 8:00P, Beijing (CN) @ Mao Live Livehouse

Nov 2 2008, 2:00P, Bangkok (TH) @ The Rock Pub

About Bhellion

Formed in mid 2000, Bhelliom set about constructing heavy groove-driven Melodic death metal with a touch of Stoner/Thrash metal that would not only set them a part of from other homegrown metal bands but also gain the interest from metal critics abroad

“Bhelliom’s style is a striking and refreshing counterpoint to the stale, shitty melodic death seeping out of garages across the United States and elsewhere”- Metal Review

Their debut album (Self-release). ‘Within Nowhere’, released in Sept 2005, paved the way forward for Bhelliom. The album opens the door for Bhelliom to enter Asia, invited to be part of Thailand oldest metal fest and to performing at one of Asia biggest music festival, Formoz music fest in Taiwan, had helped establish the group with a solid and loyal fanbase and those who saw them have witness a raise of new Asia Thrash/ Melodic Death metal band.

In 2007, the band will celebrated its 7th years of existence, with a release of a brand new single "All the King's Pawns". Bhelliom has also prove that even without a major label backing and not following trend, they are making ground on their own, and now with more tours in Asia and possible further, Bhelliom are working harder than before for the recognition and for the people who believe and supported them since day one.

2008 will see the band returns with a brand new album -"The Colossal Tragedy" and embark on a long journey ..leaving a TRAIL OF they take their sound to the next level..

Metal Forge[Australia] For fans of Swedish influenced melodic death thrash, this is one that might be worth your time to check out.

Alternative Zine [Israel] -"We’re actually missing bands like Bhelliom, who stands in the verge of Swedish death metal, kinda the early era of In Flames, Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity.

Metal Review -"Bhelliom’s style is a striking and refreshing counterpoint to the stale, shitty melodic death seeping out of garages across the United States and elsewhere

Licensing and Booking for 2008 tour:

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Previous tour:

  • Demonic Fest 2006 - Thailand
  • SpringScream 2006 - Taiwan
  • Formoz Festival 2006 - Taiwan
  • Full Battle Order 2007 - Singapore
  • Wildscream metal fest 2007- Thailand
  • Waking up The Dead w/Anthelion 2008 -Singapore
  • Trinity Burning Taiwan tour w/Anthelion 2008 -Taiwan

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About Truth Corroded

UPON THE WARLORDS CRAWL is Truth Corrodeds most accomplished album to date. It is common for a band to declare that the next record they release is the bands 'best work to date'-but for Truth Corroded such a declaration is justified. Previous recordings from the band have showed potential, but have fell short of being a solid body of work, either due to song writing or production. The bands last album OUR ENEMY IS THE WEAPON (August 2005) was the bands first album as a five piece and redefined the bands direction. However, while the songs captured the sound of the band, Truth Corroded had for the first time recorded with the added dimension of a second guitarist and did not have a complete understanding of the added dynamic and the production was misguided and thus lacked the potential impact. As a consequence, the album fell short of what the band had to offer. The new album features four of the members from the last album-Jason North on vocals, Mark Lennard on guitar, Greg Damon Shaw on bass (all original members of the band since its inception) and Corey Grieve on lead guitar. Since the recording of the last album the band has had several drummers come and go before arriving at the bands most formidable drummer to date, Liam Okninsky ( formerly with Cry Murder). The addition of Liam has helped the band to achieve the sound and intensity it has long sought. Truth Corroded were determined to ensure that the new album would be not only its most intense but also its best in terms of the bands song writing and with a production that would do the band justice-the band had learned from its past mistakes.

Truth Corroded completed the recording between October -December 2007, recording at both Soundhouse Studio and Slaughterhouse Studio in the bands home city of Adelaide, South Australia with sound engineer Kyle Bloksgaard. The album was then sent to Black Lounge Studio in Sweden to be mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, Carnal Forge, The Absence).The production behind the new album ensured it would be Truth Corrodeds best work to date. In addition to the production, after almost a decade in existence Truth Corroded had found the maturity of song writing and a clear sense of self to create a body of work that would be the band at its best.

The new album is best defined as extreme, dark thrash with a confronting message in its lyrics, imagery and title. The band has always had a thrash background and list bands such as Dark Angel, Slayer, Sepultura, Testament, Violence, Kreator and Forbidden as influences, as well as the intensity of Neurosis and more recent inspiration by bands such as Lamb of God, Mastodon and God Forbid. The bands lyrics and message have always reflected the social/political views of the bands lyricists Mark Lennard and Greg Damon, and do so with this album, challenging questions of religion, neo-Imperialism and the environment. Each album title has had a message (enhanced by the artwork of the bands vocalist Jason North).The message behind the last album was directed toward the military industrial complex and targeted nuclear weaponry. The message of the title of the new album once again is directed toward the M.I.C, and warns that we must end the war machine before the war machine ends us all. It reflects the start of the era of resource wars and warns that worse will come unless a stand continues to be taken against the powers that threaten our very existence.

Truth Corroded performed extensively throughout Australia and for the first time in Asia from mid 2005 to mid 2007 in support of OUR ENEMY IS THE WEAPON. In addition the band also supported bands such as Chimaira, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, God Forbid and Lamb of God, building on previous supports alongside Sepultura, Strapping Young Lad and Sick of it All. Truth Corroded also performed alongside some of Australia’s best heavy music acts such as Daysend, Picture The End, Double Dragon and Alchemist. OUR ENEMY IS THE WEAPON was also released throughout Asia on Singapore based label Mourning Sound Records and received outstanding reviews from music press in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. The band is confident that UPON THE WARLORDS CRAWL will see the band extend its reach further and open the way for new opportunities to develop the bands profile.

From the opening double kick attack of 'Crown The Apocalypse’, the hooks of 'Salute The Horrors' and 'Decimate’, the sheer heaviness of 'We Are Failed' to the darkness of closing song 'Despair Your Black Earth' (featuring Lee Gardiner from Double Dragon), the listener will be convinced that Truth Corroded have achieved the bands most intense and well conceived album to date, backed by a far more solid production than previous recordings. The beginning of a new era in the bands ascendance, UPON THE WARLORDS CRAWL will confront, challenge and defy opinion and perceptions of Truth Corroded.

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