Bride in Legend (Cold Fairyland)

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General information

Bride in Legend
Artist Cold Fairyland
English title Bride in Legend
Chinese Title 迷路新娘 / Mílù xīnniáng
Date of release 2004 exactly on 2004/03/01
Release Type CD
Languages on Record Chinese
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 10
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Short Info

An epic album with a touching story: a young girl`s journey to marry a man afar becomes a quest of her own destiny and her life. Deserts, oasis, exotic natural scenes, wars and dreams all emerge in the magical music. Cello, guitar, bass, Chinese flute, pipa, er-hu and zheng blend so well in surreal images that you can no longer tell the East from the West.


  1. Yilang Yilang 依蘭依蘭
  2. Marriage
  3. Mountain Song of the High Lands 高地山歌
  4. Riddle in the Bronze Mirrors 謎語銅鏡
  5. Speechless in Forest 失語叢林
  6. A-jia-li-yalai 阿加裡亞萊
  7. Love
  8. Mula-shabel War 慕拉沙貝大戰
  9. Colorless Sun 陽光褪去了顏色
  10. Heal the Wounds of Time 療治時間的創傷
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