CHINOPERL Papers No. 14 (1986)

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CHINOPERL Papers No. 14 (1986)
Publication CHINOPERL
Issue No. 14
Date of publication 1986

Focus Topics

In this magazine issue, especially the following entities are being called out:

Chinese Opera, Theatre, Traditional


The following keywords apply for this magazine:



  • Wu Xiaoling: Glowing Clouds in an Azure Sky: A Newly Discovered Royal Pageant, trans. Lindy Li Mark and Samuel H.N. Cheung
  • Rulan Chao Pian: Text and Musical Transcription of a Kaipian, “Birthday Wishes from the Eight Immortals”
  • Perry Link: “Stuck in Xiangsheng”
  • Lindy Li Mark: Kunju Theatre in the Transvestite Novel: Pinhua Baojian
  • Wen Li-rong: The Blind Singers of Guangzhou (transcribed by Chen Bing-han, translated by Bell Yung)
  • Yunhe Zhang: Argosies of Wonder on the Rivers and Lakes: Memories of the Guanju Troupe (translated and annotated by Lindy Li Mark)
  • Pu Songling: The Wall, a Folk Opera in Four Acts (trans. and annot. with an introduction by Chang Li-ching and Victor Mair)
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