CHINOPERL Papers No. 15 (1990)

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CHINOPERL Papers No. 15 (1990)
Publication CHINOPERL
Issue No. 15
Date of publication 1990

Focus Topics

In this magazine issue, especially the following entities are being called out:

Chinese Opera, Theatre, Kunqu


The following keywords apply for this magazine:



  • Samuel H.N. Cheung: Structural Cyclicity in Shuihu Zhuan: From Self to Sworn Brotherhood
  • W.L. Idema: Zhu Youdun’s Plays as a Guide to Fifteenth-Century Performance Practice
  • Mark Bender: “Felling the Ancient Sweetgum”: Antiphonal Folk Epics of the Miao of Southeast Guizhou
  • David Moser: Reflexivity in the Humor of Xiangsheng
  • Kate Stevens: The Slopes of Changban: A Beijing Drumsong in the Liu Style (with translation)
  • Bronislawa Kordas: The Poetic Functions and the Oral Transmission of Chinese Proverbs
  • Lindy Li Mark: The Role of Avocational Performers in the Preservation of Kunqu
  • Hans H. Frankel: Hsü Wei as Drama Critic: An Annotated Translation of the Nan-tz’u Hsü-lu, by K.C. Leung. Book Review
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