CHINOPERL Papers No. 24 (2002)

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CHINOPERL Papers No. 24 (2002)
Publication CHINOPERL
Issue No. 24
Date of publication 2002

Focus Topics

In this magazine issue, especially the following entities are being called out:

Chinese Opera, Theatre


The following keywords apply for this magazine:



  • Jing Shen: The Concept of Bense in Ming Drama Criticism
  • Mei Sun: Exploring the Historical Development of Nanxi, Southern Theater
  • David Branner: "Red Cliffs" in Taiwanese Hanbun
  • Guan Jiazheng: Zhao Jingshen's Editing of the Shanghai Special Vernacular Literature Weekly Features (trans. Kathryn Lowry)
  • * Roundtable on Oral Performance in the Digital Age:
  • * Mark Bender: Chinese Folk Tradition and Digital Video
  • * Margaret Baptist Wan: Oral Performance in Print and Webcast
  • * Fan Pen Chen: Digital Technology and Documentation of the Oral Tradition
  • Open Forum
  • * Bret Sutcliffe: Report on the Kunqu Concert at Lion Hill and the Kunqu Amateur Convention at Suzhou, November 2001
  • Notice of the Website of Chinese Storytelling
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