Cannibal Corpse Beijing Gig 2012

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CANNIBAL CORPSE is the world's biggest death metal band


General Information

Date: October 20th 2012 7:30 pm

Venue: Beijing Club Yugong Yishan

Addr.: Beijing Dongcheng District, No 3-2 Zhang Zi Zhong Road
北京市东城区张自忠路3-2号(段祺瑞执政府旧址西院) 100007

Tickets: 280RMB Presale, 380RMB at Door, 800RMB VIP

Hotlines: 010-62159844 | 010-62154439 | 010-84042711

Website: Announcement on


Gigantic Death Metal legend CANNIBAL CORPSE
on Painkiller’s 12th Anniversary party in Beijing

CANNIBAL CORPSE, the suprime leader of global death metal realm, was formed in 1988 in NY Buffalo. The first 3 albums released by Metal Blade Records not only set standards for US Death Metal but also catapulted them onto the top of the genre immediately. On the basis of classic thrash metal trademarks a la KREATOR and SLAYER, they reinvented the brutallity and intensity of extreme metal. In distinction from bands such as MORBID ANGEL, DEATH or AUTOPSY, both lyrics and cover art work of CANNIBAL CORPSE featuring splatter and gore illustrations that pushed the extremes beyond limits. That made them to become the most controversal and most talked about metal band on earth. In 1997 cult-figure of the genre George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher joint the band, with his mighty growls on vocals, they forged the most revolutionary album “Vile” which brought a death metal album for the first time onto Top200 (at position 151) and kicked off a new wave of brutal death metal globally. CANNIBAL CORPSE still is the biggest trademark in death metal, and the most important influence on the lates fashion of deathcore. After the release of their 20th Anniversary Best-Of DVD, their world wide record sales went over 1 Million copies and the most recent (12th) output “Torture” also climbed up to position 38 on Top 200! Needless to say, CANNIBAL CORPSE has been the most succesful death metal band of all time.

As one of the first Chinese print media introducing CANNIBAL CORPSE, Painkiller Magazine will be celebrating its 12th birthday together with this iconic band of death metal on October 20th 2012 in Beijing Club Yugong Yishan. Old black metal veteran IMPIETY from Singapore will also join the show along with China’s death metal pioneers NARAKAM and HYONBLUD. Local brutal death metal youngsters DEATHPACT will have the honor to open show to the biggest death metal feast in China!

Participating Bands


IMPIETY (Singapore)

Chinese warm-up bands

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