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Chinese Rock

the term Chinese Rock may refer to various definitions:

  1. Rock music generated in China, i.e. all bands and artists performind and recording in China, including bands, that consists of foreigners.
  2. Rock music generated by Chinese people, regardless of their geographical position, including Chinatowns around the world
  3. Rock music generated in China by Chinese people, thereby excluding foreigner bands such as Hollow
  4. Rock music generated in China by Chinese people with Chinese instrumentation, e.g. Cold Fairyland or Wild Children
  5. Rock music generated in China by Chinese people with a Chinese characteristic, e.g. bands that have included certain aspects, either lyrical or musical ones, that shape a new kind of rock, i.e. a Chinese rock genre. E.g. might be Tang Dynasty with their Dream returning to Tang Dynasty song, or Voodoo Kungfu, who heavily incorporated Mongolian folk songs into their metal music
  6. The Chinese Rock (magazine) (中摇), an online magazine about Chinese rock

However there is so far no clear fixed definition for this term and it is heavily disputed in current literature.

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