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English term Chinese term
Music Circle, Community, intime group of friends, music scene
圈, Quan / Quan Zi

The term quan zi is used in the rock community to describe a close circle of friends and acquaintanences that are either in or out of the circle.

According to Qian Wang: When musicians get together to share similar ideas or interests, they build a small membership community (Quanzi), and form a latent culture, which germinates in a much less public sphere, but has displayed the potential of further development.[1]

E.g. the group of people around Tookoo and the Black Town Twin Brothers or the groups forming around certain hip hop crews.

The Character 圈, describing a social group, a circle of friends, a community based around a certain interest, e.g. Beijing Rock Circle (北京摇滚圈), can also stand alone.

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  1. Qian Wang (2007). The Crisis of Chinese Rock in the mid-1990s: Weakness in Form or Weakness in Content. University of Liverpool

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