City of Heartbreak'n Horror (Rustic)

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General information

City of Heartbreak'n Horror
Artist Rustic
English title City of Heartbreak'n Horror
Publisher Maybe Mars
Date of release 2011
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number Maybe 30.1
Languages on Record English
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Track Listing

  1. INTRO
  2. Living the World of Fallacy
  3. Erotic Films
  4. Modern Love
  5. Girls Are Not Yours
  7. Summer View
  8. Wild Woman
  9. Rock & Roll for Money & Sex
  10. A dreamland for you and me
  11. Poison Beauty Remix


  • (c) Daniel Shapiro, Cityweekend Shanghai, May 2011

So, finally, after much anticipation, Rustic have released their debut LP City of Heartbreak n’ Horror, and after a single listen, it’s clear that this band is not much more than sweet outfits and funny gimmicks. Produced by Yang Haisong of PK14 fame, City of Heartbreak n’ Horror stumbles through 33 minutes of three-chord punk, attempting to use studio tricks like vocal doubling and rain storm samples and a polished sonic sheen to add depth to music that would sound best if it were recorded live, lo-fi, gritty and raw.


Further Information

  • Douban page
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