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General Information

Artist: Cobra
Title: Cobra
Release Date: 1995, October
Label: unknown
Type: CDDA and Cassette
Catalog No.: JCD-4178,RS8-CD,ISRC CN-F13-96-315-00/A J6 (CD) JH-1245,RS8-MC,HRS008-4,ISRC CN-F13-96-315-00/A J6 (tape) HRS-008-4 (on the 1996 release)
Language: Chinese

Track Listing (taken from the tape)

Side A

  1. Traffic light
  2. Illusion
  3. Join the masses
  4. Dream
  5. No one's drunk

Side B

  1. My own paradise
  2. It's not the age of amusement
  3. Vulgarian
  4. Hypocrisy
  5. One door, one wall, one grave
  6. 1966


Please see the lyrics page of Cobra's first record. Song lyrics except Traffic light can be found there.

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