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General Information

Artist: Cold Blooded Animal
Title: 冷血动物 (Leng Xue Dong Wu) / Cold Blooded Animal
Release Date: 2000, April in China and 2000, October in Taiwan
Label: Scream Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: EL-1205 (tape)
CCD-2000/1186 (CD)
Language: Chinese
ISRC: CN-A01-00-309-00/A.J6 (tape)
CN-A01-00-309-00/A.J6 (compact disk)

Appearances in Press/Books

  • Mentioned as a "Yaogun classics" in the Insider's Guide to Beijing 2008.

Track Listing

  1. 幸福 (Blessedness)
  2. 窗外 (Out of the window)
  3. 永远是个秘密 (Secret forever)
  4. 埋藏宝藏的地方 (Thesaurus / The Place Where Buried Treasure Lies)
  5. 墓志铭 (Epitaph)
  6. 昨天晚上我可能死了 (Maybe I died last night)
  7. 很久以前 (Long long time ago / Way back when)
  8. 循环的太阳 (Circular sun / The circling sun)
  9. 绝症病人 (Dead man / Patient: Terminal)
  10. 雁栖湖 (Lake Yanxi)

Further Information

  • For some songs there is more than one translation, taken from the compact disk itself and
  • Douban page
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