Dark Funeral Beijing Gig 2012

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DARK FUNERAL is black metal cult band from Sweden.


General Information

Date: November 11th 2012 8:30 pm

Venue: Beijing MAO Livehouse

Addr.: Beijing Dongcheng District, No. 111 Gulou East Road

Tickets: 180RMB pre-sale, 260RMB at door, 600RMB VIPP

Hotlines: 010-62159844 | 010-62154439 | 010-64025080

Ticket Service:shop36476612.taobao.com | dragonskin2009.com

Website: Announcement on Painkillermag.com


massive Swedish black metal gods
Dark Funeral on the 3rd show of Painkiller Fest 2012

The year 1993, on the Scandinavian Peninsula close to the arctic circle, ice cold winds wiping through the dark forests, there on the frozen surface of the land and sea a wave of wild fire set off that will change the musical landscape of the world for ever. A long the front riders of this storm force are MAYHEM, MARDUK, HYPOCRISY, DISSECTION, GORGOROTH on the Swedish extrem metal frontier, there appeared a fierce legion from Stockholm: DARK FUNERAL, with true black metal on the banner and hellish tunes they breathe. With the debut album " The Secrets of the Black Arts" released in 1996 they have become one of the indispensable representives of Scandinavian Black Metal. Even though undergone some line-up changes, their blasphemic lyrics and fast raging sound remained one of the most influencial sources of the global scene, lasting into the post-millennium era, be there waves of new fashions and trends in metal, the true black metal spirit of DARK FUNERAL is still worshiped on the altar of black metal. With 5 studio albums of pure classic pieces, they are an absolute constant in black metal history. Now DARK FUNERAL is hailing back under the leadership of mastermind Lord Ahriman, the long aweited new album will be release on Century Media.

This year, 12 years after Painkiller first introduced this band in its first issue, soon when autumn dies and winter engaging at the gates of Beijing, time will be ripe for DARK FUNERAL, on their first conquest through Asia and very special guest on the 3rd gig of Painkiller Fest. Yet another old friend of the magazine, China's first black metal entity Ritual Day will also join forces along with their long years scene mates Evilthorn and Wrath of Despot, they all will deliver the darkest black metal night China yet has to witness!

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