Dead Wind Rising (Suffocated)

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General Information

Artist: Suffocated
Title: 逆风飞扬 (nìfēng fēiyáng) / Dead Wind Rising
Release Date: 2006, December 25
Label: R.H.C. Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. 崩溃
  2. 还有谁
  3. 生命的颠峰
  4. 胜者为王
  5. 炼狱
  6. 枭雄
  7. 迁徒之日
  8. 灵魂在夜幕下起舞
  9. 画皮
  10. 殉葬
  11. 结束这一切

Further information

  • This album was mastered in Germany (by Pluto of Poserslaughter Records, Berlin) with help of Yang

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