Dream Theater 2008

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Dream Theater in Beijing 2008

Venue: MG Live House

Date: January 22nd 2008, 20:30

Info: http://guitarchina.com/dreamtheater/

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It was a very nice gig, over 1000 people came out at that cold windy night to celebrate the US prog heros who put a lot efforts in offering the show quality that the audience expects. MG Live House is actually a big hall of the Haidian Exhibition complex in Haidian Park, all other bands (Arch Enemy, Nightwish ...) who had performed there before couldnt offer such a clear live sound in that echo place, but the sound of Dream Theater was brilliant. Also the video projection was amazing, they even installed some mini cameras for most musician positions so portrais shots can be cleary seen by the last rows of the fans. Overall a wunderfull night to be remembered.

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