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US brutal death: Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus Beijing Gig 2010 is the 3rd live event of Painkiller Magazine's 10th Anniversary concert series in September in Beijing


General Information

Date: September 22nd 2010, Friday 8pm

Venue: MAO Livehouse (No. 111 Gulou East Rd.)

Tickets: 180 RMB presales, 260 RMB at door, 600 RMB VIP

(dragonskin2009.cn or http://shop36476612.taobao.com shop36476612.taobao.com])

Forebands: GxSxD (death metal, Japan), BEYOND CURE (death core, Taiwan), DEATHPACT (brutal death, Beijing)

Hotlines: 010-62159844,010-62154439,010-64025080

Organizers: Painkiller Mag, Icon Promotion, Rockinchina.com


"Killing on Adrenaline" - US supreme brutal death metal force Dying Fetus landing in Beijing!

  • representative leading force of the US extreme metal scene, the mesozoic giant from the eastern part of the US death metal realm
  • the creators of the epoch-making milestone album "Killing on Adrenaline", a immortal totem in the hearts of Chinese death metal fans
  • always mentioned in the same breath as such North American death metal legends like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Kataklysm, Morbid Angel or Deicide and yet the most influencial international death metal act to come to China sofar
  • with their music style expanding over brutal death, hardcore and grindcore, Dying Fetus is being seen as the pioneer and mentor of the later deathcore genre
  • with sophasticated song structure, outstanding playing skills and live performances in sheer perfection, they are one of the main forces under the flag of extreme metal giant Relapse Records

The most authentic and truest americian extreme blaststorm is going to shake the stage of MAO Livehouse to ground. As the 3rd strike of the 10th anniversary event series of Painkiller Magazine, Dying Fetus will performe live in Beijing on September 22nd 2010 in Beijing. If you dare calling yourself a extreme metal warrior you know where to go to witness the most merciless death metal slaughter there has ever been in China!!!

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