Excess Luggage 2009 China tour

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Excess Luggage 2009 China tour

Dates: June 8-20

One of Norway’s most exciting jazz projects to tour China extensively

With music based upon strong melodies, lots of energy and a well-developed interplay between three musicians who have known each other – and played together – for many years, Excess Luggage is a unique Norwegian jazz trio. The rarity of this combination – organ, piano and drums – only adds to the audience’s appreciation: Combining the groovy feel of the organ trio with the harmonic and melodic style of the piano trio, Excess Luggage might well be the perfect trio. The band’s three members are some of Norway’s best jazz musicians, having won several Norwegian Grammys (Spellemannpris) for a range of different projects. In 2007, the band participated in the Beijing Jazz Festival and the Time Arts Jazz Series and performed up and down the country’s east coast.

Excess Luggage’s 2009 China Tour looks to be among the most extensive ever undertaken by a jazz band in China, thanks to support from a range of agencies including the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing. If all goes according to plan, the band will perform in universities and venues in the western cities of Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Xi’an, Kunming in addition to potential performances in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Beijing.

http://www.excessluggage.com <http://www.excessluggage.com> 

挪威最佳爵士乐队之一,“超重行李”2009中国巡演 “超重行李”是一支独特的挪威爵士三重奏。乐队的三位成员是挪威最好的爵士音乐家,曾多次获得挪威格莱美音乐大奖。他们相识已久,现场积极互动,音乐旋律感强,热情似火。乐队由管风琴,钢琴和鼓组成,这一组合在爵士三重奏中很少见,它将管风琴和钢琴的韵味糅合在一起,带给观众美好的感受。2007年乐队参加了北京爵士音乐节和时代佳艺爵士音乐系列,并在华东巡演,取得了巨大的成功。


更多乐队资料请访问: http://www.excessluggage.com <http://www.excessluggage.com>

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