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General information

Similar to Wikipedia, this wiki is based upon open content (see Music-China_Wiki:General_disclaimer).

As such all content can be shared and copied (except where otherwise stated), however please bear in mind that having hundreds of not-maintained copies throughout the internet is not increasing world knowledge as much as one central well-maintained article with backlinks and its mirror copy here or there.

In the following please see how you can make backups of articles or the database.

Extracting pages


Via the Special page Special:Export you can export either individual pages or a number of pages as portable wiki pages for future importing in other Mediawiki platforms or as XML version for other uses.

Backup via RDF


Another options is to use the RDF feed on semantic pages, such as Subs. Either individually or via a script request program one can read out the complete database and backup it. Check out our semantic project notes for further information.

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