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Please do not add persons that have nothing to do with Chinese music

Important notes:

  • please dont use both Chinese and english letters as the person name in the same time (there is an auto redirect function for this purpose), just drop me a line and i can help out (yang ( at ) rockinchina ( dot ) com)
  • Note: some people are persons AND artists at the same time. In order to distinguish it is important that TWO pages are being set up:
  • whereas the first concentrates on the artists being active under the scope of his NAME, the second page is to be about him/her as a person, i.e. including none-artist achievements. That could be e.g. filmography or producer or recorder, etc. Please see our Styleguide for more info.
  • if it is unlikely that exact birth or death dates can be found, as e.g. for Yan Cheng then please use January 1st XXXX for both data fields with XXXX being the respective most conclusive year.

Person Name:

Please be aware that the person will not be added until you hit the save button in the next step.

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