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Free Birds

Free Birds, Shanghai rock band


Formed around Christmas time 1995, the band choose their name Free Birds from the song Free as a bird by the band Beatles.

With 4 band members, Free Birds played the first year (1996) mainly cover songs from Western bands such as Mamas & Papas, The Eagles and The Beatles.

In 1997 the band produces it's first demo called Never Satisfy with songs in the style of early Beatles.

On December 28th 1997, Free Birds performed in the Shanghai Cultural Youth Centre and after that performance the second demo A Wonderful Day was produced. With the support of a Japanese drummer, this album sounded more like The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band record. Due to this record a representative of EMI got interested in Free Birds.

However in June 1998 Free Birds disbanded. And in 2002, the previous two demos were put together by C+C entertainment Co., Ltd. and released as one record called Never Satisfy/A Wonderful Day.


  • Never Satisfy, 1997
  • A Wonderful Day, 1997

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