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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Gammalux is a Hardcore, Metal artist , originally from Germany.

General information about Gammalux


English Name Gammalux
Genre Hardcore, Metal
Origin Germany

General information

check out their Gammalux China Tour 2008

Participant of the MIDI 2007, Midi Music Festival 2008 and MIDI 2009

PHOBIA 2009 Tour-Line-Up

DOME - vocals

OLAF - drums

MARC - guitar

RAY - bass

CHRIS - guitar


G A M M A L U X presents a unique, direct and fresh SUBROCK made in GERMANY !!!

Officially formed in formed 2006, the initial spark hit GAMMALUX in 2005, when Chris, Marc and former drummer/singer Arnim opened for US-cult punk icon Jennifer Finch (THE SHOCKER, L7, SUGAR BABY DOLL*with Courtney Love*) together with Chicago-based alternative-metal duo EVIL BEAVER. During a stunning performance which had barely been prepared by the trio the night before, they created a remarkable straight, dense and rough Alternative Rock sound which from then on became the trademark of GAMMALUX.

After 4.000 Miles on the road during their US-Tour 2005 with venues in Los Angeles, Monterey, San Francisco, San Jose, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, Holbrook and San Diego, GAMMALUX gave it another twist: In October/November 2006 GAMMALUX was rocking over China and in Spring 2007 they were touring all over South East Asia ! ... and they came back in 2008 for a 18-Cities-Tour in Mainland China.

The GAMMALUX backbones and founders Chris (git) and Marc (git) met singer Dominik (DEVIL IN DETAILS)in 2007 during a rehearsal-session, ... it took just a couple of minutes to let them decide Dome will be the new energetic voice of GAMMALUX. Dome has become a true asset, not only by his charismatic, powerful vocals, but for sure by his unique and extraordinary stage-presence.

Marc (ex-JANE, german psychodelic-rock 70ties cult band) who had worked together with artists like Sami Yli-Sirnio (KREATOR, WALTARI), Daniel Wirtz (SUB-SEVEN), Klaus Walz (EPITAPH, JANE, GURU GURU, JUTTA WEINHOLD) tried to tighten cooperation with another longterm-associate, drummer Olaf Bolte. He already joined the band for the recordings of the "PHOBIA"-album and since he has been "hired gun" as drummer during the last three international tours, Olaf Bolte (PHANTOMS OF FUTURE) finally joined GAMMALUX as a full band-member. To close a circle getting a bunch of well-experienced musicians together, Chris was happy to welcome new bass-player Raymond D. Blake Jr.(SASHA, COSMO KLEIN, DER WOLF) aboard the roaring GAMMALUX R&R-locomotive in autumn 2008.

The band is coming back to China in 2009, packed with powerful NEW SONGS !!! Their third album release is planned for autumn 2009, as well as a LIVE DVD and new Video-Clip.


Founded in 2005 in the heart of the cultural hotspot RUHRGEBIET-area, the five-member Alternative Rock Band GAMMALUX reached out to spread their music all over Germany and also gained international recognition immediately.

In summer 2005 GAMMALUX started with a three-week Tour in USA with shows in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego. Both, GAMMALUX`s German lyrics and their powerful, rough sound caught the attention of their audiences in well-known venues and live-clubs all along the US-west coast.

Shortly after the release of GAMMALUX`s first demo-production "SCHNELLER" in autumn 2006, the band was back on the road again touring across CHINA, exploring the music-scene in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian, Beijing, Nanjing and many other cities.

The rapidly increasing GAMMALUX fan-base plus the media attention in China were reason enough for further ambitions and to start touring again in spring 2007 in South-East Asia.a The Band got invited to take part in China`s biggest and most popular annual Open-Air Rock Festival MIDI in Beijing. Performing as headliners among other international artists, GAMMALUX rocked an awesome crowd of more than 30.000 Chinese rock-fans during their Center-Stage-Show.

As part of their extended tour-schedule the band played successful shows in THAILAND, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

Back home GAMMALUX was excited to harvest dozens of international requests as result of their performances in Asia and new cooperations were built up during their extensive touring presence. In spring 2008 the band gave it another twist with about 25 shows all over China including one show at MIDI School Festival 2008.

Now in 2009 GAMMALUX has joined the MIDI Festival in Beijing and in Zhenjiang again. They rocked in some of the best clubs in town. For the latest updated tour-schedule please visit

Further information


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