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How To Tour China is a presentation and talk held in Hongkong by Azchael



General information

Date: March 10th 2012

Time: 6PM - 8PM

Location: Hongkong, Strategic Sounds

Address: 開源道47號凱源工業大廈10樓E室 Workshop E, 10/F, Hing Win Industrial Building, No.47 Hoi Yuen Road

Languages served: English with Chinese interpretation


  • Voices of Indie
  • Kung Shi Ching

Ticket: 50 HKD


with video clips of Gammalux and Mike TV


Ever thought of heading to China for a tour through Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao? Ever thought on how to actually do that? Max of Rock in China is going to tell you the things you need to think of, the people you can contact and how to make the best of it. In short: He tells you How to tour China.


Topics covered include:

  • Preparations
  • Contacts & Organisation
  • The essentials
  • On the tour
  • After preparation


  • 準備功夫
  • 聯絡單位及支持機構
  • 必要常識
  • 途上巡演事項
  • 巡演後的工作

Max's talk is basic list of to-dos for your DIY tour in China. Touring in China has been done, and is a lot of experience you can learn and later on help you get more recognition. It's for the fans to get to know you more. Imagine, in the future, people also learning from you. That's more than just playing music.

Max 的講座是一次自助中國巡演的清單。中國巡演是有成功案例的,有很多的資訊,給你從中學習,也為他人給你認同。你的樂迷在你的巡演裡可多與你認識。你的經驗 也是其他樂隊從中學習的地方。單此,也算超越音樂。

About Max:

Max is the co-founder of Rock In China, which lists bands in the China/Hong Kong/Taiwan area, although most information is about bands in Mainland China. Rock In China also has extensive information on venues, organizers, festivals, and labels, and all the relevant information you need to rock out in China.

講者 Max:

Max 是 Rock In China 的其中一個創辦人。此網站詳列中港台樂隊的資訊,縱使暫時以國內樂隊為主。Rock In China 也具豐富的場地、演出主辦單位、音樂節、及唱片公司資訊,幫你在中國內搖滾至極。

Further information

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