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Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2010


Vocal&Guitar主唱/吉他:Kjell E. Moberg

Guitar吉他:Steinar Hjelmbrekke

Bass贝司:Nils H. Flam

Drums鼓手:Bjorn Tore “BT” Taranger


K-Jell is Kjell Mobergs solo project. K-Jell was formed in 2006, but the idea about K-Jell is much older. K-Jell is a project that Kjell Moberg has been working on for many years (since the early 90’s), but first in 2006 it was the right time to do something about K-Jell. Kjell Moberg started music carrier playing in his first punk band already back in 1982, when he was only 12 years old.

K-Jell visited China in 2009. The tour was a great success and the band made many fans and friends in China. The band was amazed by this beautiful and lager country, the nice and kind people, the tasty food, history and culture China can offer.

K-Jell has been working in the studio since fall 2009 on their new album which will be out in March 2010. The band will be touring Europe and playing festivals during the summer of 2010. But first the band will be visiting China and the famous MIDI MUSIC FESTIVAL in Beijing.

K-Jell 是 Kjell Mobergs(乐队领队)的一项个人计划。K-Jell乐队成立于2006年,但是组建这个乐队的主意却很早就萌生了。自从90年代初 Kjell Mobergs 就已经开始策划组建K-Jell乐队,直道2006年时机才成熟。K-Jell本人自从12岁起就开始了他的乐队生涯。


K-Jell 乐队的新专辑将于2010年发行,乐队将会进行夏季的欧洲巡演。但在此之前,他们将回到中国,参加著名的北京迷笛音乐节

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