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* Live at ARK- 冷酷仙境 2005现场 - 2006 Recorded live in ARK Music Club 2005, Shanghai.

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General Information

Artist: Cold Fairyland

Released: 2006, March


  1. 摹仿剧场 Mirror Theater (2002 《魔境十日》)
  2. 死在报纸上的孩子 The dead children in the newspapers (2003 《陌生仙子国》)
  3. 摩苏尔 Mula-Shabel War (2004 《迷路新娘》)
  4. 缭乱 Puzzle (2006 《地上的种子》)
  5. 诱惑之舞 Dance of Seduction (2002《魔境十日》)
  6. 洪水 The Flood (2002《魔境十日》)
  7. 暗杀 Assassination
  8. 巴黎猫 The cat from Paris (2003 《陌生仙子国》)
  9. 玻璃刀 The Glass cutter (2003 《陌生仙子国》)
  10. 地上的种子 Seeds of ground (2006 《地上的种子》)
  11. 手心里绝望的花 Holding the Flower of Despair (2003《陌生仙子国》)
  12. 等待告别 Waiting for the Farewell (2001 《在城市上空飞翔》)


  • (c) that's Shanghai Magazine, Thomas Podvin, Chief editor: Steven Crane, June 2006 issue

There’s not much to be said about Shanghai ‘alternative’ band Cold Fairyland, that hasn’t been said already. Most every music critic in the country has taken a stab at pigeonholing this band, but the band, and its front woman Lindi, refuse to cooperate. The best we can offer is that Cold Fairyland thinks out of the box. The band – Lindi on keyboard and pipa; Su Yong on bass; Zhou Sheng’an on cello; Li Jia on drums; and Song Jianfeng on guitar – incorporates elements of various music genres (world music, gothic, jazz, funk, dream pop, etc.,) with traditional and contemporary Chinese sounds. And they do it best live, not in the studio. Hence, this live album recorded at ARK in Xintiandi in 2005, is Cold Fairyland at its best, from the surrealistic “The Cat from Paris” to the social commentary of “The Dead Children in the Newspapers”. But whatever the song’s provenance, Lindi’s vocals drive the melody from beginning to end with a meticulous precision. Unfortunately, the live recording sometimes suffers from less accurate reproduction – the price of independence, perhaps.


  • (c) OMB, September 24 & 25, 2008,

Analysis. Issued in 2006, "2005 Live" was the third CD by this band and the first one easily available internationally. Live albums are always a bit taxing to go through for a reviewer, in particular if you don't know too much about the band, their history and their studio recordings. From what I have know about this band, this is a CD that partially is a summary of their past two releases, and partially is an indicator of future exploits - at least two of the compositions here had never been issued on a studio album previously. Unlike many bands I'm familiar with from Europe and the USA, there's a great variety in styles on this live album. It's obvious that there are many influences on the musical output of this band, and these influences come from a wide range of different musical styles. There's one set of tunes that will have its main audience among people into what is called neo progressive rock: songs blending melodic and mellow passages with AOR and hard rock aesthetics, with symphonic tinged synths as a central element in the compositions.

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