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Melting Pot (aka Bar 288)


  • 288 Taikang Road, Luwan District
  • 卢湾区泰康路288号

Bar 288, The Melting Pot is a HOME for musicians. every Monday is the Free Jamming night, lead by the fantastic guitar player - 周朝 (Joe), all the musicians get to jam together.

Tuesday, the talent musician - Wang Hao is here to play the music that you want to hear, and if you like, you can also go on stage to Jam with him.

Wednesday with music style of Reggae and pop, perform by Steven from New Zealand, Jerry from Australia and Jean Noel from Mautitius.

Thursday, the Jazz night, performed by Acid Apple.

Friday and Saturday with the Rock & Roll original, R&B, party till late !

Sunday, Steven, Jerry and Jean are here again, a bit Rhythem, a bit Funky Blues.

The Melting Pot is truly a Melting pot, where we melt people, culture, music, we look forward to seeing you to join the fun !

Our French barman - Guillaum and manager Vincent are always here to make friends with you !

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