Midi Music Festival 2000

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Midi Music Festival 2000

the very first Midi festival ever


General information

Location: School Concert Hall, Beijing Midi School of Music

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Festival series: Midi Music Festival

Introduction by Zhang Fan

“The first festival was just for fun,” Zhang says. “I remember it like it was yesterday – there was free entry, free beer, about 800 people [on each of the two days], all in the school concert hall … it was like a crazy college house party! That year, more than half the acts were from the school and I remember [Waterland Kwanyin founder] Yan Jun broke his arm using a pogo stick ... even though he was in pain, he tried to laugh it off – but it just made him look really ugly!” -- Zhang Fan

taken from That's Beijing (Link)

Photos from the festival

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Further information

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