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Poster of the Midi 2009 festival


General information

Location: The 1st May Holidays, Midi Festival goes to Zhenjiang!

Date: 1st - 3rd May 2009

Organizer: Beijing Midi School of Music

Tickets: TBA

Festival Series: Midi Music Festival


The festival in 2009 was first rumoured on March 6th to move from Beijing to Shanghai[1], only to have announced a further festival in Zhenjiang on March 18th[2], which a few days later confirmed as the only happening festival of Midi in South China, as the original planned Shanghai one fails to receive a permit.[3][4]

With the 10th anniversary of China’s exciting and authentic rock festival, this year’s Midi Festival will move to south Chinese twon Zhenjiang (镇江), on invitation of the city council.

Together with Zhenjiang Public Office, Zhenjiang Culture Ministry and Zhenjiang Art Theatre, the Midi Festival 2009 will be held between 1st till 3rd May on the Yiushan Meidi Lvdi Square (优山美地绿地广场).

There will be 2 stages, the rock stage and the Yan electro stage, filled with live music each festival day from 2pm to midnight. The main theme of the festival of course will be the 10th anniversary of Midi Festival, 18 Chinese Bands, old and newer friends to Midi, such as Again, Miserable Faith, Thin Man, Yaska, Muma, Honey Gun, Spring & Autumn, Reflector, Subs, Cold Fairytales, LR etc, plus 12 oversea bands will be there to celebrate such a milestone event in China’s long way in modern music, even godfather of chinese rock, Mr. Cui Jian will attend the stage there, too!

According to that, back in Beijing, rockfans can also get a chance to see some of the festival bands in a indoor concert in Star Live, organized in cooperation with TNT-Productions (the force behind Canadian Transmission Festival) and Painkiller Magazine. “2009 Midi Night” will take place in Star Live between 30th March and 3rd May, don’t miss if you can‘t go to Zhenjian!

Tel: 400-810-3721, 010-58601088 (English: 010-64177845) For Tickets please visit the chinese ticket sales platform www.piao.com.cn or ask for information via phone: 400-810-3721, 010-58601088 (English: 010-64177845)

Impressions of the Midi 2009 festival

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Reactions to Midi 2009 - 10th Anniversary

I have in mind, that the Midi Music Festival is a festival of young people, it has lots of fresh culture which lets those young people coming to Midi become very happy. More importantly, Midi promotes new music and the development of a new culture. It is a good platform, on which this cultural phenomena can be displayed to the general pulic, so that everyone can see that this society has also a high number of young people with many ideas. - Hu Song (vocals of Yaksa), translated[5]
We are all the Midi Music Festival - Yan Jun, translated[6]
Midi is China's Utopian Festival - Li Hongjie, music critic[7]
Midi is wonderful and there should be more events like it in China. Even though China has a Rock history of some 20 years and Midi has 10 years of history, but this is just the beginning. This is the stuff of youthful dreams and we should be supporting it all we can. - Zhao Nian, drummer of Tang Dynasty[8]
Every time I attend Midi I get a sense of pleasure and satisfaction out of it, one might even say pride. I might not actually have all that much input into Midi, but I’ve been there from the start, but I am a ceaseless promoter of the festival, especially to foreigners I meet. I feel so proud of it that I just can’t help myself. It is simply my wish that more and more people get to enjoy Midi and that it grows from strength to strength! - Hao Fang, music critic[9]


Main Stage

Time May 1st May 2nd May 3rd
2:00 —— 2:30 Tookoo Yuguo (羽果) LR (左右)
2:30 —— 2:50 --- --- ---
2:50 —— 3:20 Honey Gun (糖果枪) Hollerado (Canada) Bonk (Norway)
3:20 —— 3:40 --- --- ---
3:40 —— 4:10 Sand (沙子) Spring Autumn (春秋) Reflector (反光镜)
4:10 —— 4:30 --- --- ---
4:30 —— 5:00 Turdus Musicus (Norway)    CMCB Jets Overhead (Canada)
5:00 —— 5:20 --- --- ---
5:20 —— 5:50 Twisted Machine (扭曲机器) The Verse Cold Fairyland (冷酷仙境)
5:50 —— 6:10    --- --- ---
6:10 —— 6:50    Again (轮回) Subs So Called (Canada)
6:50 —— 7:10   --- --- ---
7:10 —— 7:50    MIKE TV (UK) Gammalux (Germany) Yaksa (夜叉)
7:50 —— 8:10   --- --- ---
8:10 —— 8:50      Thin Man (瘦人) Happy Avenue 幸福大街 Muma (木玛 & THIRD PARTY )
8:50 —— 9:10 --- --- ---
9:10 —— 9:50  Army Of Freshmen (USA) El Columpio Asesino (Spain) BlindSight (Netherlands)
9:50 —— 10:20   --- --- ---
10:20 —— 11:00    Cui Jian (崔健) AK 47 Miserable Faith (痛仰)

Yen Electronic Music Stage

2009 迷笛音乐节(镇江站)   “焱”电子舞曲舞台演出时间表

5月1日 May 1st 5月2日 May 2nd 5月3日 May 3rd
DJ Sky Zhang (Chongqing) 重庆 DJ Ivy V (Shanghai) 上海  DJ Cody K (Hongkong) 香港
DJ Bob Chen (Ningbo) 宁波 DJ Jerry K (Guangzhou) 广州 DJ Jerryson (Shanghai) 上海
DJ Gary (Guangzhou)广州 DJ Fish (Shanghai) 上海 DJ Eagle (Ningbo) 宁波
DJ Harry (Chengdu) 成都 DJ Tootekool (Germany) 德国 DJ Baru (Japan) 日本
DJ Xeum (France) 法国  DJ Mickey Zhang (Beijing) 北京 DJ Ben Huang (Shanghai) 上海
DJ @llen (Taiwan) 台湾 -- DJ Dio (Beijing) 北京

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Participating Artists (Main Stage only)

Participating Overseas Artists

Location & Directions

Further Information

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