My Claw is Never Limp! (Friend Or Foe)

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General information

My Claw is Never Limp! / 我的大鸡爪可从不疲软!
Artist Friend Or Foe
English title My Claw is Never Limp! / 我的大鸡爪可从不疲软!
Publisher Self-released Record
Date of release 2011
Release Type Download / CD
Languages on Record English
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.


Cover Friend or Foe.jpg


released 12 November 2011

All songs written and recorded by Friend or Foe

Rabshaka Shakalaka - Guitar, Vocals
Mahanadan Hamana - Drums
小予(Xiao Yu) (Bill) - Bass

Produced by Dennis Ming Nichols (五毛)

Mixed, Engineered, and Mastered by The Horses (Acid Pony Club)

Consulting and Recording by Li Wei Yu (李炜宇) Postape Studios

Additional Consulting and Recording on "Snortin' Clorox", "Burnt Out Buildings", and "Crazy Eye" by Adam Gaensler

Illustrations by Ivan Belcic

Graphic Design by Mei Wah

Translations by Jack Zhang

Track Listing

  1. Terrorized (怕死了)
  2. Lie to Me (骗我吧)
  3. Crazy Eye (狂目)
  4. Friend or Foe (是敌是友)
  5. I Don't Wanna Touch It, But I Need It (不想碰却想要)
  6. Double Down (孤注一掷)
  7. Snorting Clorox (一条漂白粉)
  8. Burnt Out Buildings (废墟)
  9. Smith & Wesson (爱抢)
  10. Almost Too Much (溢出)

Booklet / Comic

Cover Friend or Foe.jpg

File-FoF Comic2.png

File-FoF Comic3.jpg

File-FoF Comic4.jpg

File-FoF Comic5.png

File-FoF Comic6.png

File-FoF Comiccredits.jpg

File-FoF Comicshoutout.png

File-FoF Comictracklist.jpg


  • Layabozi (c) November 2011

Friend or Foe is a weird band. The members of the band hide their real identities, when they are not the demons they are on Friend or Foe, they go like common guys sold to establishment. Aha. We could wonder for ages which identity is actually the real REAL one. They are hiding because they don’t want to loose the good things they get from being daylight prostitutes, they think Friend or Foe can scare their clients. And they might be right, because Friend or Foe is a bit scary, disturbing at least. They like to wear weird dresses on stage, they yell a lot of things to the audience, and not everybody understands what they say, and they are most of the time pretty wasted on the stage.

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  • Beijing Daze (c) November 2011

Something is brewing down south folks… I’m not sure what it is but there’s definitely some quality coming out of Shanghai that we don’t get to see in Beijing. Don’t get me wrong, we have “some” quality up here but when you look at the quantity, the ratio is pretty dismal. Shanghai is not blessed with as many live music venues and it’s definitely harder to get noticed there so maybe that creates a sort of natural selection that we could use up here. One of the latest examples of this trend comes in under the name: “Friend or Foe”. My interests in this record was mostly from the conceptual and graphical perspective. I loved the artwork… then I heard the damn thing. How does it stack up?

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Further Information

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