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NOIShanghai XXV - The Fifth Anniversary Of Torturing Nurse

General Information

Time: 14:30 apr.25(sat) 2009

Venue: O3 Spaces no.93,Lingling Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai(Transport:Metro Line 4/bus:41,45,72,104,128,etc.) tel:021-64164645(space) 13681753873(Junky)

Entrance: 30 rmb


Torturing Nurse anniversary of the establishment of 5,some friends invited us to participate in child care,

when the TN will be 12 people take part in the anniversary line-up!

骏园 陶轶 大小 卖卖 舒骑 Jason 小神 杨戈 卡列宁 鲁白 Youki Junky

Further Information

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