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Opeth Beijing Concert 2012 is an metal show in Tango 3rd Floor


General Information

Headliner: Opeth (Sweden)

Date: 2012-02-11, 20:30

Venue: Tango 3rd Floor

Add: Beijing, Dongcheng Dist., No 79 Heping West Street (North-West corner of Lama Temple Bridge, North 2nd Ring Road)

Tickets: 300RMB (pre-sale), 380RMB (at door), 680RMB (VIP)

Phone: 010-62159844,64284080

Ticket Service: www.dragonskin2009.cn / shop36476612.taobao.com / Rock.damai.cn / piao.com.cn

Organizers: Painkiller Magazine / PK-ICON Promotions / Midi Productions


Moon Light City, Beijing in February

- Sweden's mega act OPETH Beijing concert 2012 • the Swedish kings of art rock/metal who conquered the mainstream music market of the western world, legendarily revived and estabilished art rock on extrem metal grounds, western media crownd them to be the "Pink Floyed of metal"

• in formation over 20 years, 10 glorious albums each a masterpiece, classic must-haves in any decent metal/rock collection.

• rich on cultural aspects, the songs are full of poetic romantism and sensitivity in a limpid and somewhat noble manner of north european artists. • master mind and front man Mikael Åkerfeldt is a genteel litellectual and his vocals both strong and charismatic, he enacts large scale concept outputs in a touching depth

• the new album "Heritage" (2011) is a journey exploring the roots of the 70's art rock and helped the band to reach new heights of their career. There are hardly any bands who are compareable with Opeth. Formed since over 20 years, almost every album can be seen as a true master pieces on its own. The band's career basically went through 3 periods: the death/doom of early days with an hint to extreme metal with albums like "Orchid", "Morningrise" and "My Arms, Your Hearse" - atmospherical evil and brutality the nordic style, expatiated in highly melodious tunes, they became one of the few exotic species within the extrem metal genre.

Since "Still Life" the materials slowly became more mature and more progressive elements has been fused into the songs, the yin-yang concept of blasting brutality and the silent moments has become a trademark for their music which they forged into perfection. The next opus "Blackwater Park" again shows even greater achivements of ground breaking evolution. With "Deliverance" (2002) and "Damnation" (2003) the next development step has been done in pairing up hard and soft into one form, these adventruous changes not only didnt scare away diehard fans and they also helped the band to enter US charts within Top20 of Heatseekers and Top Independent Albums, even the All Media Guide website who usually are not so keen on metal bands granted them 4.5 stars of 5 for the review. Thus Opeth as finally stepped onto a bigger international stage. Signed to Roadrunner Records in 2005 and with the newly joint guitar player Fredrik Akesson and drummer Martin Axenrot, they release the 9th studio album "Watershed" which immediately topped on possition 23 in US and 34 in UK. This commercial breakthrough went on with the fresh delivered album "Heritage" this year (2011) with even better charts possitions. "Heritage" is a roots seeking journey for the 70's art rock where musicians disarmed of all heavy instrumentation and performs in simplified line up.

On past world tours, Opeth passed by China many times, now with the collaborative efforts done by Painkiller Magazine, Icon Promotions and Midi Productions, they finally confirmed to come to Beijing and perform for the Chinese audience in February 2012. Who said that metal heads are a dump and cultureless hord?! Opeth has its charm and bursting power, the music flows like poetry and the atmosphere they create is godly. Opeth will turn Tango 3rd Floor Livehouse into a wispering Scandinavian forrest with its frozen lakes and secret baring mountains. Welcome to Moon Light City!

This is not only a long awaited dream come true for Chinese fans, but also adds heavy paints into the bigger picture of rock shows in China.

  • Time: 2012-02-11, 20:30Venue: Bejing Club Tango 3rd Floor Livehouse 北京糖果俱乐部雍和宫店三层
  • Addr.: Beijing, Dongcheng Dist., No 79 Heping West Street(North-West corner of Lama Temple Bridge, North 2nd Ring Road)东城区和平里西街79号糖果雍和店三层( 北二环雍和宫桥西北角)
  • Hotlines: 010-62159844,64284080
  • Tickets: 300RMB (pre-sale), 380RMB (at door), 680RMB (VIP)
  • Online order: http://shop36476612.taobao.com
  • Ticket Service: Rock.damai.cn / www.piao.com.cn
  • Phone: 4006103721, for English: 010-64177845


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