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in Chinese: Wai Di Ren (外地人 / wàidirén)

General information

Term used for bands performing in Beijing, but actully not originating from Beijing, e.g. Yaksa. Used especially in the time 1997-2004.

Groenewegen differs the "out-of-towners" and local Beijing bands by pointing out to economic and social differences resulting in different music preferences, with the angry, poor out-of-towners performing heavier styles of music, such as heavy metal, nu-metal, rapcore and local bands in Beijing insisting on a more cynical stance ("we're fucked anyway, let's party") using oi-punk and britpop to express their feelings. Groenewegen acknowledges his generalization, but further points out to the visible dichotomy of Beijing New Sound Movement and Underground Rock. Out-of-towners were put in the latter category and found their haven in the record label Scream Records, which signed far more bands in this genre than Modern Sky Records, which stuck to bands from the Beijing New Sound (and thereby more local Beijing bands).[1]

Further information


  1. Groenewegen, J. (2005). Tongue - Making sense of Beijing underground rock, 1997-2004 (pdf). Page 17.

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