Post-Rock (VA)

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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Post-Rock
Release Date: 2007, July
Label: Neocha Netlabel
Type: Net-Release
Catalog No.: 07001-001

Track Listing

  1. 21 Grams - 21 Grams
  2. Godot - No 4
  3. Grace Latecomer - Neither here nor there
  4. oNEwAY - South of the Cloud
  5. Spiral Cow - Bian Tai
  6. 梵高 - 君子兰
  7. Hua Lun - You are here
  8. Wang Wen - Break that car


(c) Azchael (Rock in China)

Great compilation record with sound in the tradition of Mono (JP). Relaxed songs between 5 and 10 minutes that help you to forget the daily life and let you dive into an ocean of sounds. Most songs do not feature vocals and some are experimenting with traditional Chinese instruments.

Further Information

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