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Prague, photo by

Prague (before: Surging Prague, Spring of Prague or Prague Spring), Beijing/Shanghai Indie Band



Lee, Zafka (guitar, synthesizer)

Lisa Li (keyboard), 5355 (bass, synthesizer)

Mobby, Shizi (drums)

and the left vocal Yida.


Prague are at the same time doing The Lowest Summer and The Wedding Beast.

The Wedding Beast is the new band founded by Zafka, 5355 and Shizi in March 2008. They use guitar, drum, synthesizer as well as traditional musical instruments. They try to enlarge the possibility between the improvisatory sound and the instrumental music.

The Lowest Summer is about city-sound, slow rhythm, and guitar noise. In 2006, they performed in ShuiLuGuanYin and D-22 and redid the incidental music of Sátántangó on the stage.

Prague was founded in the summer of 1998 in Shanghai and is an experimental rock band or post-punk with avant-garde elements. They are always breaking the rule of performing, producing, rhythm, and editing. In 2002, Prague finally makes it sure that they are an instrumental band. The peaceful melody and some noise kind sound make them themselves.

As a result of their being in different cities, their activity is always like a flash of lighting:

  • between May and June in 2002, they finished their producing, recording and publishing of Printemp in only one month.
  • between July and August in 2005, they completely finished the Le Pont and performed several times in 2 weeks.
  • in 2008, they will make a new record and give some small performances in Beijing and Shanghai. At the same time, they will publish their Le Pont.[1]


出于乐队成员们在境内外不同城市的散居状态,2002年以来“布拉格”的音乐活动更像一次次的“快闪行动”:2002年5、6月间,“布拉格” 用一个月的时间完成了专辑《Printemps》的创作、录音、制作和发行演出;2005年7、8月间,“布拉格”用近2周时间完成了专辑《Le Pont》的创作、录音和相关演出;2008年5月和9月的两个周末,乐队再次短暂集结,并于10月国庆假期在北京录制完成了一张全新专辑。

“布拉格”乐队吉他手Zafka和鼓手柿子是目前国内活跃的声音艺术家,同时乐队成员进行小范围音乐活动形成的分支组合“A Lower Summer”涉足音景、缓拍和吉他噪音,2006-2007年曾在北京短暂演出并为Béla Tarr的电影《Sátántangó》重新进行了配乐;“怀丁陛士德”(the Wedding Beast)则在努力探索声响即兴和器乐音景的可能性,2008年5月初参与了Mini Midi音乐节的演出,10月4日的愚公移山NOTCH音乐节演出。


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