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"Tongue" and "Wooden Horse" in Shanghai: Beijing Bands give Bad Head a Good Name +Lisa Movius  +


(Help), (Help), (Help) the Police! +Brendan O'Kane  +


100 Flowers: Introduction +Josh Feola  +


A Critical History of New Music in China +C. C. Liu  +
A History of Chinese Drama +William Dolby  +
A Rock Star China Allows to Shine +Seth Faison  +
A critical study of Chu Tsai-yü's contribution to the theory of equal temperament in Chinese music +Robinson, Kenneth  +
A guide to Chinese music +Mei-po Chao  +
A story of love: My times in Mao +Azchael  +
A survey on jobs of Chinese rock musicians by +Yingzi (樱子)  +
Aaron Avshalomov and New Chinese Music in Shanghai, 1931-1947 +John Winzenburg  +
Alev Tour Diary 2006 +Alev  +
All right, Beijing! +China Daily  +
An explanation on the new ARTIST pages +Azchael  +
Anarchy In The PRC / Beijing punk comes to San Francisco +Anna Sophie Loewenberg  +
At That Moment I Thought, I Thought I Really Saw Music +Pete DeMola  +
Authenticating Geographies and Temporalities: Representations of Chinese Rock in China +Jeroen de Kloet  +


BAP övver China +Gerhard Hirschfeld and Jesko Sander  +
Beijing Beat: Dive Bar D-22 +Mark Godfrey  +
Beijing Journal; For the Rockers Now, China Is a Very Hard Place +Patrick Tyler  +
Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture +Alexandra B. Bond  +
Beijing Opera, a Historical Treasure in Fragile Condition +Richard Bernstein  +
Beitrage zur Erforschung der chinesischen Musik nach phonographischen Aufnahmen +Erich Fischer  +
Big in China: My Unlikely Adventure Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Reinventing Myself in Beijing +Alan Paul  +
Black is hard to beat +Louise Ho  +
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