Qin Monk Faction

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Qin Monk Faction (琴僧系統 Qinseng Xitong)


Term given to a number of guqin players that were regarded as the best at their time (Northern Song Dynasty).

As stated by Xu Jian[1]:

Permeating more than 100 years of the Northern Song was a "Qin Monk Faction" (Qinseng Xitong). Their transmission from teacher to student and their production of large numbers of talented people (brought them) an important status throughout the qin world. They are called a "Qin Monk Faction" because, other than the first one, Zhu Wenji, who was a qin teacher at the palace, afterwards in every period (of the northern Song) it was monks who were honored as the "Great Teachers."

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  1. Xu Jian (許健), Introductory History of the Qin (琴史初編), p. 84-6, as translated by John Thompson
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