Raunchy+Debauchery China Tour 2008

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Raunchy+Debauchery China Tour 2008

General Information

Organizer: Painkiller Magazine and ROSA


Raunchy: danish melodic death/thrash

Debauchery: german gore death

Tour dates

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30th April - Tianjin @ 13 Club, 8pm with Raunchy + Debauchery (DE), Narakam (CN, Beijing), Autopsy (CN, Tianjin)

1st May - Beijing on Midi School Party mainstage with Raunchy (10:20 - 11:00 pm) + Debauchery (2:50 - 3:20 pm)

2nd May - Shenyang @ Sunny Night, 2pm with Raunchy + Debauchery (DE)

3rd May - Dalian on Hopscotch Bar, 7pm (only Debauchery, with Mantou (CN) + Xmoke (RUS))

4th May - Shanghai @ Live Bar, 9pm (only Debauchery, with Gammalux, see Gammalux China Tour 2008)

(Shanghai Midi Carneval has totally been canceled!!!)

6th May - Wuhan @ VOX Bar, 8pm with Raunchy + Debauchery (DE)

9th May - Beijing @ Yugong Yishan, 8pm with Raunchy + Debauchery (DE)

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