Resurrection of the Gods 4 (VA)

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General information

Artist Various Artists
Publisher Mort Productions
Date of release 2006 exactly on 2006/12/01
Recorded in (studio/city) Beijing
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number TL0160, CSCCD-1189
ISRC CN-A23-06-537-00/A・J6
Languages on Record Chinese, English
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 11
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.


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Producer: Xi Chen

Marketed by: Mort Productions

Promotion: Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine

Cover Art: Zakk Wu

Inner notes: Xi Chen

Mixing & Mastering Equipment: Qiang Wei

Track Listing

  1. Ego Fall - 重生
  2. VOODOO - 站起来
  3. Black Diamond - You
  4. Nether Flute - 風中的英雄
  5. Last Chance of Youth - 我的敵人是我
  6. Yin Li Xiao Ying - 起飛
  7. Frosty Eve - 末日同盟
  8. Purgatory - 邪悪
  9. 六翼天使 - 占拠
  10. Mirage - 空貝殻
  11. Illusion - 衝出黒暗

Further Information

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