Seeds on the Ground (Cold Fairyland)

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General Information

Artist: Cold Fairyland
Title: 地上的种子 (dì shàng de zhǒngzi) / Seeds on the Ground
Release Date: 2007, June 16
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. 地上的种子 / Seeds on the Ground
  2. 光影游戏 / Shadow Play
  3. 五人同游 / Five Travelers
  4. 缭乱 / Puzzle
  5. 肃静的旋转 / Solemn, Silent Circle
  6. 关山月 / The Moon at the Fortified Pass
  7. 苏醒 / Reawakening
  8. 腾云驾雾 / Cloud Riding
  9. 轮舞 / Forest Dance
  10. 冰封之国 / Ice Castle
  11. 荒城梦魇 / Ghost Town Nightmare


(c) Lukas Hilker, 2007, CD Baby

Since it’s inception in 2001 as a collaboration between Lindy and bass player Su Yong , Cold Fairyland has been on an incredible journey of exploration, experimentation, and musical growth. The new CD, “Seeds on the Ground”, is the latest step on that journey. Cold Fairyland does not make ordinary CDs, they are not merely collections of songs. Lindy creates entire worlds, distilled into music. The eleven songs of “Seeds on the Ground” form this type of world. It’s countryside is cruel and beautiful, filled with legend, rivers and forests, ghost towns and battlefields.

Almost entirely acoustic, this album has a much more pastoral feel, a more organic sound, Gone are the soaring synthesizers of “Kingdom of Benevolent Strangers”, replaced with the delicate interplay of cello and pipa. It is as if the rustling of leaves and the whisper of the wind have substituted for the urban cry, Likewise, a serene inner strength has supplanted the power and fury of the live CD. One other divergence of note, unlike the prior primarily vocal albums, eight of these eleven tracks are instrumental.

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  • (c) OMB, September 24 & 25, 2008,

Analysis. "Seeds on the Ground" is Cold Fairyland’s fourth album, released in 2007. When listening to it, I almost immediately started thinking about another release by a completely different group of artists, namely Green Carnation, and their release "The Acoustic Verses" from 2006. Although quite different recordings in many aspects, the mostly acoustic instrumentation and the mellow, melancholy moods explored are similar - to the extent that a person enjoying one of these probably will find the other one highly interesting too. The main similarity between these releases is the guitar work - mellow, atmospheric and highly melodic themes are explored in both cases. A somewhat sad, haunting and melancholy atmosphere is explored in both instances, and both groups have rock music as the foundation for the guitar work and themes explored. But Cold Fairyland uses means other than layered guitars and vocals to enhance this type of music, so the similarity pretty much ends with this.

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Further Information

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