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Shunza 顺子, real name: Ni Shunzi

Shunza (顺子 shun zi, real name: Ni Shunzi), an US Jazz and pop singer, originally from Beijing



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Having performed in three continents: Europe, Africa, and North America, Shunza is surprisingly a Chinese musician.

Born in 1973 in Beijing, she moved to America at the age of eleven. When she was seventeen, she attended Switzerland's EJMA (School of Jazz and Contemporary), where she studied music production. In 1992, she organized a band called "Duty Free"and became the band's only Asian performer. The band held over several hundreds of live concerts in countries such as the United States, Switzerland, France, Italy, Canada and Austria. At the time, her outstanding performances of R&B, jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk and dance music attracted the attentions of professional musicians and media alike wherever she went. In 1996, she decided to further her career in Taiwan.

In November of the following year, she released her self-titled album, "Shunza". One of the songs in the album "Coming Home"became a household hit, making Shunza a musical sensation and pushed her to the peak of her career. She was awarded in the same year by the "Golden Melody Awards"the "Best Song Writer"and "Best Artist"for the song "Write a Song", which was a jazz piece. Jazz is one of her true passions. In her English/French album "Songs for Lovers," Shunza showcased the versatility of her voice by singing Aretha Franklin's "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" and Sade's "Smooth Operator" with a unique style. Most recently in December 2008, Shunza performed successfully in her own concert in Shanghai.



SHUNZA (01/1997)

I Am Not A Star (09/1998)

OPEN UP (03/1999)

Yesterday Only More (03/2001)

And Music's There (05/2001)

Dear Shunza (01/2002)

Betty Su (04/2003)

Soundtracks of 101 Proposals for Marriage (01/2005)

Songs For Lovers (01/2006)

Sunrises (11/2008)

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