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Slap (耳光, er guang), a Beijing based folk rock band



Guitar: Feizai 飞仔

Quqin, accoustic guitar and Ukulele: Zhang Yong 张咏 (ex-Master says)

Bass: Zhang He 张鹤

Saxophone: Wang Tianxiao 王天晓

Drums: Nie Bing 聂兵 (Frank Segen Quartet)

Former Members

Harmonica: Woodie Wu 武萌科 (Woodie Alan Band), Guitars: Zhou Kun 周坤, Drums: Li Wenjie 李文杰, Percussions: Luis Logero 陆海诺 (Mexico)

Slap 2009 on Phoenix Island.jpg


Slap, the new Chinese folk rock. After over 10 years of creative skills and live performance, their early attitude of piercingly critizising has grown into a more containing and introspective approach.

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Slap (耳光乐队) is an indie funk rock band from Beijing. Slap's works are mostly drawn from the streets and marketplaces around us in life, the understanding of ordinary people in life we all encounter. It is confusing and difficult, but using bitter irony they sharply criticize unequal treatment and face the existence of beauty and ugliness of human nature. They use the most "three vulgar" language, the melody with Chinese characteristics depict a moving picture of the ecological public streets and marketplaces. The name 'Slap' describes real life, waking up from the fog in the quest of people, actively facing adversity with an optimistic attitude to find that better life.

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Slap: unplugged gig at Jiangjin Bar (at the drum tower)

On May 2nd, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

Participated Festivals

Further Information

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