Take Me Back (VA)

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General information

Take Me Back / 带我回去
Artist VA
English title Take Me Back / 带我回去
Publisher 天启唱片
Date of release 2011
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number 9787798613384
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.




not available

Track Listing

  1. Evocation Disaster Inspired
  2. Lacerate 撕裂乐队 - 顽抗到底
  3. 熵魔 末日纪
  4. Delirious 精神错乱 - 只要失踪多半就没戏了
  5. Horror Of Pestilence 瘟疫之骇 - Warfare
  6. Inhuman 婴貅 - Inhuman
  7. 黑池 Burying Alive
  8. Rakasasa 罗刹 - 2012
  9. 隐喻 Crisis Apparition
  10. Wings of Eternity 永恒之翼 - 乱世之争

Further Information

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