Ten Days In Magic Land (Cold Fairyland)

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* Ten Days In Magic Land - 魔境十日 - 2004

Short info

Modern Chinese sensibility, magical lyricism, and trance-like synthesizers make this album 'Enigma of Shanghai', but it is really a new species in eastern musical ecology.


1:The First Day: Dance of Seduction 诱惑之舞

2:The Second Day: Repentance Day 忏悔日

3:The Third Day: The Blessed Place 福地

4:The Fourth Day: A Desperate Flower in Your Hand 手心里的绝望花

5:The Fifth Day: The Flood 洪水

6:The Sixth Day: Slaves 奴隶们

7:The Seventh Day: Mirror Theater 摹仿剧场

8:The Eight Day: The Dusk In The Deep Green Praire 绿草原深处的黄昏

9:The Ninth Day: Wake 守护

10:The Tenth Day: Reincarnation 循回

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