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ThumbGirl in the studio

ThumbGirl, Beijing Indie-Rock



Vocal/Guitar: Zi Fu

Guitar&percussion instrument: Liu Ping

Vocal:Xiao Hui

Drum: Wu Kong


The indie band ‘Thumb Girl’ from Beijing was formed in Jan.2005 with a basic music style of folk and willing to try other kinds of elements also. From early ‘twee-pop’ ,‘alternative rock’ to ‘indie pop’ today, the Thumb Girl has continuously tried new styles of music as to cope with their growing creativity.    

For them, the music experience is like living in the world of fairy tales and they are the makers and performers of their own very best story; for them, the music is considered as an attitude, a life style, and as simple as a hobby or a try. They would not purposely change their musical preference as to meet the need of mainstream audience, or blindly follow the style of other successful bands. They see themselves as a bunch of kids who would never grow up, so they can sing happily and freely in their own fairy tale world , just like the Thumb Girl.    

Their debut EP was released by 1724 Records in 2007 (Review).

In December 2007, their song 小花 was included in the X-Music Magazine no. 355.

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