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Tree Village, an area in Beijing in which many rockers and musicians lived and rehearsed.

Shucun, even unable to be found on the map, is situated at Beijing's northern suburb. This is an ordinary hamlet, with muddy paths, trash, and old cottages scattered everywhere. However, in this ordinary village, there actually lives a group of passionate music-loving and freedom-yearning youths. Like solid seeds, these young people take root here and struggle for a future blossom. The not-so-big Shucun is composed of local inhabitants, temporary workers, and several dozens of rock musicians, who come from different provinces, like Shanxi (North China), Jiangsu (East), Hebei (North), Henan (Central), and Yunnan (Southwest), as well as South China'sGuangxiZhuang Autonomous Region and many other areas in China. Some bands that have produced albums, like Elephant Tongue and Wooden Horse, came from Shucun.[1]

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