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List of SPAM IPs




can you give me some power to fight spam? :-p

Thanks, User:Matsch

Hi Azchael. Here Brodi talking to you. I think the band is going to play in the second stage the first of may called ECA Xi is El Columpio Asesino from Spain. If this is not the place to say things like that, i´m sorry, i don´t know doing other way:-) Bye and regards from Spain! Thank you so much

Image upload problem


I think there is a minor problem uploading images. I sometimes get the error that php couldn't copy the uploaded image to its destination. If I resize the image before uploading it works. So I think there is some size limitations (the images were only under 200k though).



already noticed, but I haven't found any settings to change this at If you know where I can change it, please tell me. I have no clue :-/ -- User:Azchael

Uhm, I am not sure. But a place to look might be the php.ini (configuration file of PHP) if you have access to it. There you shoudl have the max_upload_size or something similar (don't remember the exact name). Maybe it is the problem - maybe not :-p


Hi, ok, it's not somewhere in the local_settings.php or default_settings.php. Those two pages are those that contain all the settings. For image upload there should be a general warning if something is too big, but even this warning does not appear. No idea where to look :(

-- User:Azchael

XSS-Problen in flashmp3-extension

Hi - there is a HTML-Injection vulnerability in the flashmp3-extension that could be used to hijack user accounts by stealing cookies. Try this code:

  <flashmp3 type="lastfm">11572702|artist|" /></object><script>alert("Yumm, Cookies! "+document.cookie);</script></flashmp3>

Regards -- 22:49, 2 April 2007 (CEST)

Thank you for reporting the issue! The problem will be solved asap. -- Matsch 01:08, 3 April 2007 (CEST)

BBCode und RSS

Hi Max,

was meinst du genau mit BBCode? wir können ja jetzt weitestgehend HTML im Wiki benutzen. Wofür genau brauchst du BBCode? Wenn wir auf die neue MediaWiki-Version upgraden kann ich auch einen ganz netten WYSIWYG-Editor einbinden (siehe Ob es BBCode gibt kann ich später mal suchen.

Bei RSS: Was genau brauchst du da? Einfach RSS Feeds anzeigen?

Ich hatte bislang noch keine Zeit mich um das Wiki zu kümmern...

-- Matsch 11:32, 25 February 2008 (CET)

Hi Matthias,

BBCode wollte der Yang haben um evtl. noch weitere Codes einzufuegen, also ShortCodes fuer laengeren Text, bsp. Schnelllinks zu den MidiSeiten, dem Forum oder anderen Sachen. Genau wissen wir das noch nicht, aber Yang wird da schon was finden.

RSS: Einbinden von Regional News / BJ Informationen. Es gibt einige Blogs, die auch ueber RSS Konzertinfos einbauen, denn ich glaube Upcoming wird einfach nicht genutzt fuer chn. Events. Cityweekend RSS waere wahrscheinlich besser oder That's Beijing.

Gruss Max


Hi Azchael,

I'd love to get started on more than just Blademark, but a number of them have empty links. Is there an easy way to use the template on a band that is currently an empty link? Should I just start a new page for those bands using the template tool?

Also, didn't know you were in Macau, and I'd love to coordinate with you to cover the scene. I started with Blademark just because they have the highest profile. How well do you know the scene? I know a number of the bands personally, and the ones I don't cover I can put you in touch with them.

Cheers, and looking forward to this.


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